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# -*- encoding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright (c) 2020 Stephen Bunn <>
# ISC License <>

"""Contains the available styles we can use for chalk."""

from enum import Enum

[docs]class Style(Enum): """Enum of the available styles that can be applied to some printable text. Attributes: RESET: Resets all styles and colors to the original terminal style. BOLD: Emphasizes the text by increasing the font weight. DIM: Dims the text color and sometimes decreases font weight. ITALIC: Italicize the text. UNDERLINE: Underlines the text (works in most modern terminals). SLOW_BLINK: Flash the text slowly (doesn't work in most modern terminals). RAPID_BLINK: Flash the text very quickly (doesn't work in most modern terminals). REVERSED: Reversed the current style of the terminal for the text. CONCEAL: Hide the text. STRIKETHROUGH: Draw a line through the text (works in most modern terminals). NORMAL: Normalizes the text for the current terminal. """ RESET = "reset" BOLD = "bold" DIM = "dim" ITALIC = "italic" UNDERLINE = "underline" SLOW_BLINK = "slow_blink" RAPID_BLINK = "rapid_blink" REVERSED = "reversed" CONCEAL = "conceal" STRIKETHROUGH = "strikethrough" NORMAL = "normal"