Source code for chalky.helpers

# -*- encoding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright (c) 2020 Stephen Bunn <>
# ISC License <>

"""Contains some miscellaneous helpers for the rest of the package."""

import os
import platform
import subprocess

[docs]def supports_posix() -> bool: """Check if the current machine supports basic posix. Returns: bool: True if the current machine is MacOSX or Linux. """ return platform.system().lower() in ( "darwin", "linux", )
[docs]def supports_truecolor() -> bool: """Attempt to check if the current terminal supports truecolor. Returns: bool: True if the current terminal supports truecolor, otherwise False. """ colorterm = os.getenv("COLORTERM") if colorterm: return "truecolor" in colorterm.lower() term = os.getenv("TERM") if not term: return False term = term.lower() term_supported = any( value in term for value in ( "256color", "24bit", ) ) if term_supported: return True if supports_posix(): tput =["tput", "colors"], capture_output=True) if tput and len(tput.stdout) > 0: return "256" in tput.stdout.decode("utf-8").split("\n")[0].lower() return False
[docs]def int_to_bytes(value: int) -> bytes: """Convert a given number to its representation in bytes. Args: value (int): The value to convert. Returns: bytes: The representation of the given number in bytes. """ return bytes(str(value), "utf-8")