Source code for chalky.constants

# -*- encoding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright (c) 2020 Stephen Bunn <>
# ISC License <>

"""Contains package constants that modify the global functions of the package.

Utilize the :func:`~.constants.configure` method to quickly and easily disable all
future application of :class:`~.chalk.Chalk` to strings.

>>> from chalky import configure, fg
>>> configure(disable=True)
>>> print( | "I'm NOT green text")


[docs]def is_disabled() -> bool: """Callable to evaluate the disabled conditional. Returns: bool: True if chalky is disabled, otherwise False. """ return DISABLED
[docs]def configure(disable: bool = False): """Configure the global state of the chalky module. Args: disable (bool, optional): If True, will disable all future application of colors and styles. Defaults to False. """ global DISABLED DISABLED = disable